Friday, September 5, 2008

A Note from OI America Director, Linda Stanley

OIWW kids are safe but terrorized by 90 MPH winds, driving rains and flooding: Reports are that our kids are safe in their new home near Jacmel, where trees have crashed in several houses around them. Food is hard to get and very expensive, Jim Luce is going there next Tuesday, and American Airlines has allowed him to take 5 suitcases of aid items.

The reports below are about the town, Gonaives, where the kids lived until July of this year. Their extended family & friends and school mates are there. Since our kids lost their own parents in just such a flood 4 years ago, the anxiety is terrible for them.

More money is needed for our Haiti project.. and we may need to see what extra we can give to their school, etc. All OI Haiti really has right now is 7 used donated laptop computers (the first one's the children have ever had access to) some clothes, vitamins, some surge protectors, school supplies and a sun oven. Money is needed for a generator and food.(There is rampant inflation all over Haiti in basic food items: rice, beans, everything. If any of you have any ideas for some simple, individual fundraisers we are interested. Individuals can help by going to and sponsoring a child for $50. a month, that always helps. Thank you.

Linda Stanley
Executive Director
Orphans International Executive Director

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