Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Hurricane update from OI Haiti

During September 2 and 3 Hanna had hits severly the city of Gonaives where OIHaiti was for the period of October 2005 till July #, 2008. Thanks to God we have left Gonaives. I have been reported that the house where we were in was flooded in the early morning of September 3, people were obliged to take the top of the house that is in cement and passed the day there - under the rain with no food at all because they couldn't move - until this morning of September 4. The ministry has postpone the opening of the school. However, Cyvadier has hit again. Yesterday, We had rain all day. But, again we are safe. If we had possibility, we should help some disadvatage people in the community that affects severly. It is very difficult for many families in Cyvadier who had nothing left.

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