Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Updates from OI Haiti's Assistant Director, Jacques

I couldn't have access to internet café because the hurricane Gustave had hit hardly the city of Jacmel, Specially the Cyvadier community. The community was really damaged. We have no electricity, all water drained damaged. Almost all trees down: mangoes, breadfruit trees, banana trees. Some houses are destroid and every where is flood. Thanks to God we, at the Orphans International Haiti, had nothing. But all around us was teers. I even affect directly because a coconut tree had fell on my father's house, that the roof is covered with iron sheet, and damage it a little bit. We are aware that there is an other hurricane named Ana that is on the air, we hope that it won't touch Jacmel. It would be a complete disaster.
PS: We are at the begining of another month, I have to pay the staff and get food for this month (every price raised up after the hurricane). Please, don't let us suffer too much.

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