Sunday, July 20, 2008

From Jacques, Haiti Project Director

Hello all! Our first week in Cyvadier We all were glad to move from Gonaïves, the dusty and unsafe area to Jacmel the clean, beautiful and safe city. We all are happy to live in the beautiful house in Cyvadier that is far more beautiful than the one in Gonaïves. The yard has mango tree, coconut trees, and banana trees. Rose Nancy suggests that we use this model of house for our construction. Our orphans already visited some places in Cyvadier. They went to the beach (pics attached), they went to pick lemon in garden (pics attached). They enjoy being in Cyvadier. However, we can’t completely set the house up. We need wardrobe for the rooms, table cloth, table and more chairs for the dining room and curtains for the windows and the bathrooms. Life in Cyvadier is expensive. It is more expensive than in Gonaïves. The price of tap tap is double; a tank of gas (25 lbs) is 10% more. We are experiencing a new life in Cyvadier. We need lots of support. We thank all OI members for their supports that allow us to be in Cyvadier, now. Without you, we wouldn’t make any step forward. In an emergency, you prove how much you want the OI Haiti to stay alive. And I know that you are working hard so we can make giant step to move forward. May God bless you all. May he give you strength and keep you in good health. PS: the girls are going to start with a latino dance class this Saturday.

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