Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breaking News: Report from OI Haiti (4/12/08)

The situation in Haiti is politically unstable, inflationary - and just plain scary. We are sending more money to Haiti than we are taking in. We need your help. Here is an idea on the price of the every day staples on April 2007 and their price now:

Products April ‘07 April ‘08

· Rice (55#) $18.68 $29.05

· Millet (6#) $ 1.11 $ 2.49

· Cornmeal $16.60 $23.52

· Cooking oil $ 5.12 $ 9.69

· Milk (2 gal) $13.83 $ 19.36

· Propane $13.83 $17.98

Jacques Africot, OIH Director

“We were almost dead”…

“If you are going downtown bring a knife.”

This is what Jean Kerby, one of our little boys, told me after coming back from school one hour earlier than usual, Tuesday, April 8, 2008 – less than a week ago.

All the kids tried to explain to me at the same time that people launched rocks at their school, forcing the principle to release them. It was 10am, last Tuesday when the protest started in Gonaives.

When there is a riot, they force the school to close their door to force their participation. The crowd wanted to force the government to pay attention (or to do something) to the increasing of the price of the products. Especially, the price on the groceries. Our kids are safe, but scared.

The crowd shouted: “Better die with gun than hungry.” In fact, since the end of last year, the price of many products started to go up. Since the end of March and the beginning of this April, it has been unbearable. In two weeks the price of groceries is almost double.

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